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Feng Shui Interior Design

How can you use this Chinese art in your decorating? First, you’ll need a bagua map. This map includes the eight building blocks of life, according to the Chinese Taoist philosophy.

To make a bagua map, look at the structure of your home. The ideal shape is a square or rectangle, but despair not if your home is L-shaped or U-shaped. On a large piece of paper, draw a map of your home, noting where doors and windows are. If your home is L-shaped or U-shaped, use dotted lines to fill out the square or rectangle. Now divide the square into nine parts, which will correspond to each of the nine bagua areas.

The baguas are determined by the location of the front door of your house, which is considered the baseline of your bagua map. As you look in the front door of your home, the baguas lay out like this:



Wisdom/career/helpful people

----------front door------------

Once you’ve drawn out your bagua map, you are ready to place symbolic objects in the corresponding areas to maximize the chi in those areas.